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16th DECEMBER 2016



24th February 20146

The RAC acquires Nebula Systems and Maverick Technology


In order to boost their award winning telematics division, the RAC have announced the acquisition of both Nebula Systems Ltd and Maverick Technology (UK) Ltd.

Andrew Steer, MD of Maverick and now CEO of Nebula, explains the history of Maverick and Nebula and how the RAC got involved:

“Maverick Technology has been at the forefront of distributing vehicle diagnostic scantools in the UK and across the world for over 15 years now. During that time we formed a very close working and personal relationship with the owners of DEC Automotive, the creators of the brilliant SuperScan.

In April 2013, Roman Di Lullo, the CTO of DEC, asked me to join him in founding Nebula Systems in the UK for the purpose of advancing his fantastic vision for a universal cloud based vehicle diagnostics and data platform called www.MECH5.com

In the last three years, while Nebula has been in a bootstrap start-up stage, the three founders, myself, Roman, and Alan Kromholc, have been interacting with a very large range of interested corporations from around the Connected Car world.  In the last few months it became very clear that the RAC wished to acquire our cloud diagnostics capability to enhance their already class leading telematics offering.

We are now very pleased to announce their investment in us and are very excited by the challenges ahead.”

The deal, which was completed on the 24th February between the RAC, Nebula and Maverick, is expected to create a compelling force within not only the traditional diagnostic scantool market, but also the ever increasing telematics world.

  • It is important to note that Nebula will take over operations at Maverick HQ in Buckingham. All the Maverick personnel have retained their positions and are looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead of them in this new Connected Car World.

The investment and brand recognition that the deal with the RAC brings, will allow Nebula to expand rapidly and develop their www.MECH5.com Cloud Diagnostics platform into a really ground breaking Business2Business (B2B) and Business2Consumer (B2C) system.

RAC Telematics managing director Nick Walker said: “The announcement today of the acquisition of Nebula Systems is really the first step in a series of developments that will lead to the RAC moving from a reactive, to a proactive and ultimately predictive breakdown service. This is a deal that will give our telematics systems much greater capability and will really position the RAC as leaders in vehicle status data.”

For further information, please contact:

Luke Fryer, Marketing Manager, Nebula Systems:



Nebula and MECH5 awards 2015

         Winner Cloud Innovation world Cup 2015

        Winner Cloud World Series Awards 2015

        Winner British Telecom Innovation Showcase 2015

        2015 Los Angeles Auto Show – Top Ten Automotive Start-ups

        Winner Microsoft BizSpark Award 2015