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Maverick Technology (UK) Ltd was established in 1999 in response to demand from Independent Garages in the UK and around the World, for more advanced diagnostic tools. The tools we sourced then and continue to source now, are those that we believe are some of the Best in the World in their field.

Maverick Technology provide scanners which go beyond the average to the exceptional. Scantools that can get you as close to the OEM versions as possible.

Why Buy From us?

With a million and one company's websites now selling all sorts of scantools, its difficult to know which ones are the Good Guys and which ones aren't.
If a website is selling product at prices which are too good to be true, then 9 times out of 10, they will be selling illegal copies or clones - please avoid these at all costs!
Always check that the website is backed up by a proper company which you can visit and get real historic information on - like Maverick!

Here are a few reasons why you can buy with confidence from Maverick:

  • UK registered company established in 1999
  • Family firm with courteous, knowledgeable personnel
  • Official Approved Distributors for:
  • We treat our customers in the way we like to be treated ourselves - with courtesy & respect
  • All equipment we sell is OEM original - GUARANTEED
  • FREE no obligation on-site demonstrations in the UK mainland from our on the road sales team
  • UK Sales & Technical staff that are some of the most knowledgeable in our sector
  • FREE Technical Support  for the use of our tools from a dedicated Team
  • Full Technical Training courses available at our H.Q.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers in the UK and around the World
  • All items are fully Factory Warrantied
  • Completely secure SagePay WebCart for  hassle free on-line purchasing
  • The most informative an up-to-date website around

If you want to buy diagnostic equipment from a company you can trust, who have a proven track record, then look no further because you have found them!
Just pick up the phone, dial + 44 (0)1280 816333 and talk to us
- we really are different!

The Maverick Team

The Maverick Philosophy

The Nirvana of a ‘Tool that Does Everything’, still does not exist and probably never will. So, Maverick can advice clients on what is the best aftermarket tool they may need to fill the gaps in their scantool arsenal.

We also supply several different OEM diagnostic tools like the FORD/JLR IDS and the GM/Vauxhall MDI. Other OEM tools are available by special order but OEM equipment can be expensive, so we also stock the world’s most OEM approved J2534 ‘Pass Thru’ device, the CarDaq + from Drew Technologies.

A good J2534 interface gives every Independent the opportunity to compete with their local OEM franchise and complete the most difficult ECU programming and even full OEM diagnostic jobs. With Pass Thru technology, this is done on an economic ‘Pay as You Go’ subscription basis. More and more Independents are taking up this route rather than passing jobs back to the franchise and possibly losing customers.

Please take your time to look through our website or our new electronic catalogue or just pick up the phone and talk to us.

We look forward to hearing from you

The Diagnostic Dilemma - Find out how Maverick can help you choose the correct Scantool

Most multi-make Independent garages struggle with what we call "The Diagnostic Dilemma". With the increasing complexity of the modern car and the growing amount of Aftermarket Scantools available…Which one should they choose?

The average scantool costs around £2,500, and with over 30 to choose from in the UK market, it’s a mine field:

  • Will my technicians be trained enough to use the tools? 

    A franchised main dealer technician will do an average of 4 training courses a year.  The independent garage tech will attend a training course maybe once in a blue moon.

  • Will the tool actually be any good, or will it fail on the next job they do?  

    As is often the case, some Scantools fail to live up to their promises.  They simply do not do what their coverage lists say they will and the customer is then fobbed off by the tools supplier with the "it's in development" answer.  This can lead to a feeling of mistrust of diagnostic tools and their suppliers in general.

  • What Support will I get once I have paid my hard earned cash? 

    Everyone knows the story: having paid good money for their scantool, you call up the supplying company for some support.  You either can’t get through or the answer at the other end is: "Hmm, not sure about that, I’ll get back to you".  Of course, you never hear from them again.

Every independent garage faces these problems on a daily basis.  Some will simply not be in the right position financially to purchase all the necessary tools; others will need technical training to be able to use the tools to their best advantage.  Sometimes customers will be lost because their car will have to go back to the main dealer for the simplest part to be programmed back into the vehicle.

Other garages will have a good understanding of diagnostic procedures, but will still rely on a certain amount of guesswork as their equipment and training will simply not be up to every job for every manufacture.

Many independents have 5, 10 or even more Scantools but even if they bought them all it wouldn’t necessarily make them better technicians.

The analogy we use is this:

  • At the end of the day, a Torque Wrench is a tool we all know how to use, but, if you don’t know the correct torque setting for that head bolt, you are more than likely to over tighten it and snap it off! 
    In other words, a scantool is only as good as the man using it, plus the knowledge and training he has had and the support he gets.

At Maverick Technology we pride ourselves on being known as the straightforward and honest, diagnostic tool supplier.  Our reputation has been built on that since 1999.

We will impartially advise you on what tool is best for your needs, whether you are a "One man band" or a large multi-national.

Maverick often get calls saying:

”I fix all makes of vehicle and want a scantool that does everything”.

Well, no one can supply a magic wand that "does everything", that tool does not exist.  However, your choice of scantool may not depend entirely on your vehicle park – the depth of diagnostics you need, the amount of experience and knowledge you have, what tools you may already have, are often more realistic indicators to your scantool requirement, rather than just the make of vehicles themselves.

This is where our staffs combined vehicle diagnostic experience of over 90 years really helps.  We can lead you through the maze of tool choice and recommend the right one for you based on what YOU do and what YOU need. We sell some of the World’s best Scantools and we know all their capabilities and those of virtually every other scantool make you can name.

Not only do we supply Scantools, but we fully support them, train our customers in how to use them either on site or remotely via the Internet, and also provide full vehicle technical support. Customers come back to us time and time again.

Please browse our very informative website and then pick up the phone and “Talk to us”.  You may be surprised at how different our approach is.


The Maverick Team

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