Superscan Solo

Superscan Solo – Professional Diagnostics for Everyone

Ever since VAG-COM (VCDS Pro as it is now known) entered the diagnostic market back over 10 years ago, offering low cost, single make, professional diagnostics for the VW, Audi Group, the aftermarket garage world has been waiting for a similarly priced tool to cater for other makes. There are several low-cost PC-based scanners available, but they usually only provide limited access to vehicle ECUs and their data. Anyone serious about car diagnostics will know that the ability to fully diagnose all a vehicle’s electronic control units is the only professional approach. 

That’s why DEC Automotive, the manufacturer of the highly respected professional aftermarket tool Superscan 3, have now developed the Superscan Solo. This fantastic new low cost, single make tool offers fully featured professional diagnostics on a choice of either Peugeot/Citroen, Renault, Ford or Land Rover vehicles. The Solo is a small Bluetooth-enabled OBD dongle that runs exactly the same Windows software, called ASM-X, as the professional Superscan 3.

Currently, there are five individual Solo dongles to choose from, one for each of the following makes:

N.B.OBD2 Generic Engine Related software is also included with each Solo purchase for coverage of all other OBD2 compliant vehicles post year 2001 and diesel cars post 2004

Prices for any single Solo are just £195.00 + VAT