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Air-con Service & Maintenance - Konfort 700 Series

KONFORT 700 Series from £1,995.00

To comply with the new environmental standards, TEXA has completely renewed its acclaimed “Konfort” range of air conditioning recharge stations. The high level of innovation characterising the new Konfort 700 Series is demonstrated by the fact that TEXA has registered a total of eight international patents for it. From 2011 on, air conditioning systems in all newly homologated vehicles weighing under 3.5 tons must be charged with R1234yf refrigerant, less polluting than the R134a refrigerant currently in use. Garages will therefore have to be able to recharge the new and the old systems. The new Konfort 700 Series includes the top of the range 780R Bi-Gas model able to work with both refrigerant gases, enabling mechanics to switch easily between vehicles charged with different refrigerants.

The other models in the 700 Series, the 720 R, 760 R and 760 R Bus (designed to recharge vehicles with large air conditioning systems) can be purchased configured either for the new R1234yf refrigerant or for the current R134a, with the possibility of conversion at any time for use with the new refrigerant by means of an optional kit. 

All the models in the new Konfort 700 Series have been specially designed to work with the new refrigerant, which is far more sophisticated and far more delicate than the old R134a (for example it is more flammable, requires far more precise metering and is more sensitive to contamination).  

TEXA has introduced a number of extremely important technical solutions to cater for these characteristics, including:

  • An accurate system database containing over 7000 vehicle A/C systems to automatically configure the right recharge data. The database can be updated from an SD card or via a GPRS communications module
  • Completely renewed operating software to control every aspect of the measuring and recharging process by means of an advanced network of sensors
  • Maximum safety against the flammability of the new refrigerant gas, based on a double leak detection system and an integrated, double, redundant, high efficiency fan system

All models except the basic 720 R also incorporate: 

  • A gas weighing system with a built-in automatic, electronic level floor sensor to ensure minimum error in gas charge weight and quantity. This special function is extremely important given the precise tolerances specified by manufacturers
  • Hermetically sealed oil tank, to prevent the oil becoming contaminated by moisture. This feature enables total compliance with manufacturers’ instructions, which specify the use of moisture-free oil
  • An oil checking and circuit cleaning system that ensures that the oil is right for the system and automatically cleans the recharge station before a new oil is used. This safety system prevents problems arising in the air conditioning systems and allows work to be carried out on hybrid vehicles which require a special type of oil
  • A particularly sophisticated oil weighing system
  • Anti-contamination gas analysis system: the Konfort 700 Series automatically recognises what type of refrigerant gas is being charged and shuts down if this is not compatible with the system on the vehicle being serviced

As stated above, the Konfort 700 Series is made up of four different models, configured to satisfy the needs of all garages, from the smallest to the largest. 

  • The Konfort 720 is the basic model, and can be purchased pre-configured for use with either R134a refrigerant (an R1234yf conversion kit can be bought and installed subsequently) or R1234yf at exactly the same price
  • The Konfort 760 can also be purchased pre-configured for either type of refrigerant, but provides numerous additional features for the more demanding mechanic and is fully automatic to minimise the time taken by the mechanic
  • The Konfort 760 Bus is specially designed to charge the large volumes needed by air conditioning systems on buses and coaches
  • The Konfort 780 Bi-Gas can work with both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants. Though no larger than the other models in the series, the 780 Bi-Gas lets you recharge both types of air conditioning system without laborious preparations. It only takes a minute to switch between refrigerant types.